What is Abandoned Land?

Abandoned land is an experimental collectible card game on the Chia blockchain that combines NFTs with Chia Asset Tokens. Think of it as a mix between an idle game and a resource trading game. The owner of the cards will be paid out daily the amount listed on the card. Different tokens will be used to trade for more assets, card, or to upgrade your current card.

Check out the NFTs here!

How do I play?

When you own a card on this project, you will receive tokens equal to the amount listed on the card in the upper left hand corner. Most of the cards with people will produce ALWORK which can be used to collect other basic tokens or to craft more advanced tokens like ALTOOLS or ALWEAP. The house cards will produce ALGOLD and there are land cards that will product ALWOOD/ALORE/ALFOOD.

Most cards can be bought with ALGOLD, Chia (XCH), ALTOOL or ALWEAP.

It is easiest to play using the Goby wallet. You can accept offers right from this website.

How do I upgrade my NFT?

Right now this will have to be done though discord HERE. The cost is 500ALGOLD for a 5 point upgrade + trading in your old card. In the near future this process will be automated. There will be an upgrade cost of ALGOLD then you will be able to trade in your card for the upgraded you paid for.

Will Abandoned Lands sell the ALXXXX CAT2 Tokens for XCH?

Abandoned Land will sell ALWORK tokens at the rate of 100ALWORK per 0.1XCH. There are no plans to sell any other type of token. All other token sales are player offers and not from Abandoned Land.

Why are the trade values different?

The program that creates the offer uses a range of values around a midpoint. It's usually +/- 3-5 and can get up to +/- 15 for some of the higher quantity items.

Will the conversion rates change for offers?

Yes. There will most certainly be inflation. I don't know what that looks like just yet. 10 ALWORK will not always equal about 10 ALWOOD/ALORE/ALFOOD. Tools may become harder to make or even easier. There may also be more CAT tokens introduced as middle steps for completing more complicated tools / weapons / etc.

Will this game cause too many transactions on the Chia blockchain?

Hopefully no. There will be about 100-150 NFTs minted for this phase of the game. Each NFT holder will get 1-3 transactions per day for an average of about 200-250 transactions per day. Chia currently processes about 20 transactions per second so this should have a minimal effect on the blockchain

NOTE: If there is a dust storm happening during the time payouts should take place, payouts will be paused until the dust storm ends. If the dust storm takes more than 24 hours to pass we will hold all payments until the dust storm ends, and we will pay an additional 1 resource per 24 hours payments were halted.

How does Abandoned Land pay out?

Every morning at 8:00AM CST a backend process will query the NFT API on mintgarden.io to determine the owners of all Abandoned Land NFTs.

Payouts may be halted during dust storms, but will resume as soon as possible afterwards. Payout may also be halted or reduced due to in-game effects. Such as a pack of wolves that need to be removed from the woods.

What tokens (CATs) do I need?

Token (CAT) List:

Name Logo Code Asset ID TAIL Database
Abandoned Land - Food ALFOOD ce9dfce94a5a65c0207bf3d57b407db559e9cd34f2050f8bd61291b42bead361 taildatabase.com
Abandoned Land - Gold ALGOLD 446f5c3532929f71fa82f1c65f7e93170dcfbf8d59baf82a81b6f8e8f85e8a5c taildatabase.com
Abandoned Land - Ore ALORE 7d176bff0ac2e15fe6e5f57352e7c3a467b476a798dd38f30e39af7ef6cc52b4 taildatabase.com
Abandoned Land - Wood ALWOOD 6daab7bb79093ef60f3b83dc3d9def25e91eae55916da8bf95268eda9ee871ea taildatabase.com
Abandoned Land - Work ALWORK 9995f30b83e7d3f3ea0eec7e450dbcade83f76516da79daa9a84a9daafec2329 taildatabase.com
Abandoned Land - Tool ALTOOL 593c68c3f0c2061ea384ff30d9f3bef15039c6d5fbd46b555c73b2e9b490fca5 taildatabase.com
Abandoned Land - Weapon ALWEAP 3c75c138fe2fc94c0bae3467e7ae5a457758cb058925424ec2eb327f6b231a18 taildatabase.com


chia wallet add_token -id ce9dfce94a5a65c0207bf3d57b407db559e9cd34f2050f8bd61291b42bead361 -n "ALFood"
chia wallet add_token -id 446f5c3532929f71fa82f1c65f7e93170dcfbf8d59baf82a81b6f8e8f85e8a5c -n "ALGold"
chia wallet add_token -id 7d176bff0ac2e15fe6e5f57352e7c3a467b476a798dd38f30e39af7ef6cc52b4 -n "ALOre"
chia wallet add_token -id 6daab7bb79093ef60f3b83dc3d9def25e91eae55916da8bf95268eda9ee871ea -n "ALWood"
chia wallet add_token -id 9995f30b83e7d3f3ea0eec7e450dbcade83f76516da79daa9a84a9daafec2329 -n "ALWork"
chia wallet add_token -id 593c68c3f0c2061ea384ff30d9f3bef15039c6d5fbd46b555c73b2e9b490fca5 -n "ALTool"
chia wallet add_token -id 3c75c138fe2fc94c0bae3467e7ae5a457758cb058925424ec2eb327f6b231a18 -n "ALWeap"