Faucet Added

A faucet has been added. You're able to get a few extra things done each day. It will take a lot of work to rebuild this town. If you find yourself needing a bit extra work tokens, some can be purchased from the Mayor's supply.Mayor's supply.

The Mayors Journal pg. 48

We are settling into a routine. The mines and the forests are producing nicely. There have been reports of strange sounds in the forest. Please be careful if you are working the land at night.


We are just about ready to launch! The first round of NFTs are minted. The Garden , Forest, and Mine Plots will be minted in the coming days. The land plots and houses will be the first NFTs purchasable with ALGOLD.

The Mayors Journal pg. 42

After months of searching for a place to settle down we've come across an abandoned village. The place is overgrown with vegetation and the structures need a little work, but we've come to this land with a very capable crew and will start rebuilding asap.